EXPO 2017 Balconies

Astana, Kazakhstan
Inside the giant Kazakh Pavilion or Nur Alem Sphere at the EXPO 2017 grounds, the eight internal floors of the pavilion are visible from outside. On two sides of the sphere, these floors feature curved balconies which allow visitors an open view of the whole sphere, via the two enormous atrium areas. Each balcony is finished with an LED Media Façade system along its front edge. The system is made up of custom designed Lattice™ LED strips arranged vertically along the full length of each balcony at varying horizontal spacing. The images played out on the balconies are in perfect sync with images on the sphere display, thanks to the VML PictureBox Controller which controls the entire LED lighting installation.
The LED system is made up of nearly 5.000 custom designed Lattice LED strips featuring wide viewing angles, covering an area of more than 1.300 square meter.
Prospekt Mangilik Yel.
Astana, Kazakhstan

Lattice™ S-01037S/45i
Lattice™ PictureBox

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