Breukelen, The Netherlands
In 2020 a new Leaseplan office was built on “the corridor” along the A2 motorway near Breukelen. The building was designed by Bever architects, for whom the key starting point for the design was transparency and visibility. To achieve the desired effect, an open structure with a steel construction was chosen with columns with a half-timbered roof. This roof in particular is an eye-catching element with a large overhang incorporating transparent façade panels clearly visible from the A2.

VML-Technologies was awarded the contract to design, manufacture and integrate a LED Media Façade solution of 1.96m high and 65m in length to perfectly blend into the folded structure of the transparent façade panels. Owing to budget constraints, the solution incorporates two 15m, high resolution outer sections featuring day-time visibility to display logo’s and text. Whilst the lower resolution center section seamlessly integrates to support the uniform total façade appearance.

The installed LED Media Façade utilises a bespoke Lattice S-12057L LED strip model of exactly 1.96m length with ultra-bright 32cd pixels. These Lattice LED strips are assimilated into the recessed vertical slots of the façade panels at a 125mm horizontal pitch at the higher resolution sections. Towards the center of the LED Media Façade the horizontal pitch transitions smoothly from 125mm to 625mm. Since the system is next to the A2 highway, only static content may be displayed in accordance with strict government regulations.
De Corridor 15
3621 ZA Breukelen

Lattice™ S-12057L
PictureBox controller

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