Utrecht, The Netherlands

“The Wall” is a large multifunctional shopping mall located West of Utrecht that extends over an impressive 800 meters along a gentle bend of the A2 motorway. It takes almost 30 seconds to pass by it driving at 100 km per hour. The design by architect Fons Verheijen from VVKH Architects incorporates this phenomenon: the red main building roof slowly changes shape so that it appears to become fluid as you pass it by.

Early in 2021, VML-Technologies was awarded the contract to design, manufacture and integrate the long-wanted LED Media Façade. Over 600m in length, the unique, custom-designed system overcomes several specific challenges such as seamless integration behind the irregular height of the tilted glass façade panels, day-time brightness requirements and extreme viewing angles.

The installed LED Media Façade comprises a range of bespoke Lattice S-18060L LED strip models of different lengths. Altogether, 3.000 Lattice LED strips are configured to display 1.200 vertical lines of varying height, creating an imposing LED Media Façade encompassing a surface area of 2.500 sqm. Featuring horizontal resolutions of 300mm and 675mm at different sections of the façade it integrates a total of 80.000 ultra-bright LED pixels. Since the system is next to the A2 highway, only static content may be displayed in accordance with strict government regulations.
Hertogswetering 183
3543 AS Utrecht

Lattice™ S-18060L (range of models)
PictureBox controller

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