EXPO 2017 Canopy

Astana, Kazachstan
The lower section of the giant sphere features a high resolution, fully integrated, architectural LED display. It’s located directly above a central stage which was used by President Nazerbajev during the opening ceremony, to welcome such honored guests as President Putin of Russia, and President Xi Jinping of China amongst others. The canopy display measures over 400 square meters and is using premium quality high-efficiency SMD LEDs at a varying pixel grid of 19.4 - 22.6mm. This unique grid was required to design bespoke LED modules that perfectly align and integrate with the complex 3D curves of the sphere’s lower ‘canopy’ windows. VML-Technologies team of engineers designed a number of different shaped and sized, light weight oblique LED display modules that seamlessly match the geometry of the canopy architecture.
Prospekt Mangilik Yel.
Astana, Kazakhstan

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