EXPO 2017 Sphere

Astana, Kazakhstan
The center piece of the Astana 2017 exposition site, the giant Kazakh Pavilion or Nur Alem Sphere, was designed by renowned American architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, and has become the largest spherical building in the world, standing almost 100m high, with a diameter of 80m. Built by Turkish construction group Sembol Construction, the sphere features a number of large architectural LED display and lighting systems. Due to the complex requirements for the architectural lighting products, the client selected VML-Technologies for its custom design skills amongst major lighting companies including Philips and Osram interested in this unique project. VML-Technologies was awarded the contract and custom designed, manufactured and turn-key delivered and installed the entire LED Sphere lighting system. VML also developed and programmed the sphere content show during the 3 months EXPO event.
The LED lighting system is made up of 126,396 specially designed high-brightness, ultra-low power, wide viewing angle Lattice™ LED pixel clusters, covering an area of more than 17,000sqm, with full HD video capability. The Lattice™ LED pixels are seamlessly integrated in the inner mullion structure of the buildings glass façade without any visible cabling.
Prospekt Mangilik Yel.
Astana, Kazakhstan

Lattice™ D-12200L
Lattice™ PictureBox

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