"C" David Rickard (Artwork)

Manchester, United Kingdom
The letter 'C' is the mathematical symbol for the speed of light, digital shorthand for the word ‘see’ and also a gramogram for the word ‘sea’. These overlapping and interelated readings form the work 'C'. Using “found” LED products from VML Technologies, generic footage of a seascape is bent full circle to form a pulsing vortex with the waves now washing onto an endless central shore. With a duration of 8’20” the film loops at the precisely moment that the light generated within the sun reaches the recorded scene.

Unusually, in this instance, the client (David) required that all cabling and equipment should be fully visible to the viewer, arguing that the peripheral equipment added an extra dimension to the overall effect of the artwork.

The artwork has been displayed at a number of exhibitions including The Copperfield Gallery, London, and the Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.
Hewitt Street
Manchester, United Kingdom

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