The Hague Tower

The Hague, The Netherlands
The Hague Tower, owned by renowned Dutch housing trust Vestia is one of the most prominent buildings in The Hague. It also features the largest integrated LED screen in Holland. The LED Media Façade display measures over 270 square meters and shows a program of commercial and non-commercial information and dynamic content. The LED screen is visible during daytime and night-time and consists of 1,716 bespoke Lattice™ S-14054L LED strips which cover an area of 11 windows wide and 6 windows high. The chosen interior solution by the architect implies that the pattern of the windows is visible in the picture. Because the screen is so large, this effect is primarily seen as an added attraction, which enhances the unique look of the display. Using the VML-Technologies PictureBox LED controller, the system is controlled in such a way that the whole picture is visible, however, corrected for the physical location of the missing pixels in the window frames.
VML-Technologies worked in close cooperation with AAArchitecten, the original architect of the building, paying close attention to the finish of the system on the inside of the conservatory where it is located. There are no cables visible and all framing and cable ducts are neatly integrated into the existing construction. AAArchitecten also devised a very elegant solution for the positioning and installation of the required power units for the system, which are openly displayed on custom built "power trees". The overall system thus provides a spectacular and beautiful display on the outside, and a highly finished and technically aesthetic appearance inside the building.
The Hague, The Netherlands

Lattice™ S-14054L
Lattice™ PictureBox

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