Rabobank Headquarter

Utrecht, The Netherlands
Clients entering the new headquarters building of the Rabobank in Utrecht, The Netherlands, are immediately captivated by the dynamic shapes, text and images blending together at the iconic lighting installation in the grand foyer. This unique installation is centrally located and called the "Espressobar", a novel meeting point where visitors are offered a first cup of coffee. The Espressobar is the idea of renowned Dutch designer Richard Hutten who won an earlier design competition organised by the Rabobank. VML- implement the design based on a solution that consists of a cylindrical transparent LED display system. The installation consists of 192 vertical ribbons applying Lattice LED profiles by VML-Technologies with a 5m diameter and 3.78m height. Over the full height of the cylinder a diffusing membrane is positioned in the shape of an inverted flared cone extending to a 10m diameter at the top. Because the gap between the individually controllable LED pixels on each ribbon and the diffuser increases with height, so the light patterns and images become gradually more diffused towards the top of the installation, creating a special mood lighting effect within the Espressobar area.
Croeselaan 18
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Lattice™ S-03070R/24i
Lattice™ PictureBox

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