ESPRIT Flagship Store

Kowloon, Hong Kong
A truly unique appearance was required for the flagship Esprit store in downtown Hong Kong featuring a low resolution but high impact and 100% integration within the building façade. A custom designed pixel structure with a glass domed lens was imagined by the architect, which would create an attractive store façade during daytime but a dynamic ‘living’ façade during night-time when the LED Media Façade system would be turned on.
A complex and highly effective full colour illuminated glass domed pixel was developed in close conjunction with the architect. The pixel was designed to sit flush with the store façade providing a fully waterproof large scale stippled effect, which would display low resolution slow moving images during night-time to promote the Esprit branding campaigns. Specially designed scaling algorithms were developed in the PictureBox video processor to create a remarkable level of image detail on the relatively low resolution LED system.
Peking Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Lattice™ D-12040s/1 custom housing
Lattice™ PictureBox

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